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Hmm I think my server may have shutdown from overheating. that's twice today that proxmox got a shutdown signal. The log says power button pressed but a quick google search showed the same issue from someone else and the iLO setttings to prevent overheating caused it to shut down according to its logs. I'll have to investigate more tomorrow. Hoping it stays on. If someone notices it go down my xmpp is (runs on external vps) or my backup account at @Squeak13

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Ive set up an xmpp server for this instance. anyone can use it even if your not on this instance. replay to this post and I will send you an invite link.

Someone should tell the auto one guy voltage doesn't equal amperage. I wonder how many people he screws over telling them their battery is charged when it's bad. Ya it had 12v but it was just at 7v after only 10 minutes of charging on the alternator. And it would restart the car. There's no way it was at 96% charged.

Luckily autozones open til 10. Alternater is putting out a charge but the battery won't hold

This is why I like my piece of shit 09 dodge pickup. My engine light is on, why, I don't know. And I don't care. It runs just fine. Having trouble? Give it gas it'll power through it.

Why did every warning like come on in my wife's car except the one for the low battery that is probably causing every light to come on. Sometimes they make cars so smart they're stupid.

No Honda I don't think the ABS, lane assist, hill start, transmission, and whatever else you were dinging about is the problem. I think you have a charging issue. Where's the light for that!?

I am always mesmerized by pictures of other planets and space rocks. i find it amazing how similar they are to us yet so far away.

I also need to set up some monitoring tools if im going to keep making web pages and stuuuuff

So I think I am going to move my security camera software back to a dedicated machine, it will probably work a little bit better and free up some resources on my server.

maybe im just crazy. 🤦‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️

so is there a trick to getting videos to upload from an iphone to mastodon or pixelfed. even if i use an app to convert the video to mp4 on my phone the phone seems to be changing it to something else when I try to upload it from my camera roll. but if I move the video to my desktop it shows up as an mp4 and uploads.

ok so I increased the file upload limit on my instance so I can upload videos. but it seems like when I upload a video (one was 25mb and one 45mb) it ate all my ram up for a few minutes I have 8gb installed...

It must not have just been me. the yunohost install for Lemmy removed the picture hosting feature because it was a problem.

just installed Movim for an XMPP web client. its pretty nice

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