Besides being noisy this server was a great $200 amazon purchase. So much room for activities!

Sometimes I save stupid memes on my phone and then crack up when I randomly find them.

Just some redneck engineering going into this camera mount.

2" x 10' conduit with two pole mount camera mounts, conduit between the camera junction boxes and 3/4 carflex conduit down to the main junction box. Everything sealed and caulked and I used direct burial CAT6 for added weather resistance.

A great picture of all the bikes from a memorial ride last month for a great brother that passed away.

This feels like a long shot but is anyone on the interested in I've looked some and can't find much on here. I'll start with mine. Here's my 2016 Harley Fatbob

Ok @GoatsLive i clicked on your live stream to see what it was all about and I find this dude staring into my soul. 😨🫣

Food and meats! 

Burgers, Brats, Shrimp, and Beer. We're doin it!!

Working on making the pizza planet rocket from toy story for a wife's friend. Test printing currently before I purchase the filament I want to use on it.

Who doesn't love cheeseburgers?