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Might as well get a new hard hat while I'm spending company money. Mine was getting old. Going all out with the Klein Tools hard hat with fancy vents and a head lamp attached to it 😂🤣

Just some redneck engineering going into this camera mount.

2" x 10' conduit with two pole mount camera mounts, conduit between the camera junction boxes and 3/4 carflex conduit down to the main junction box. Everything sealed and caulked and I used direct burial CAT6 for added weather resistance.

This lady that works the drive thru at McDonald's always seems so offended when I say I'm not a rewards member. Like lady it's bad enough I eat here I don't want your clown rewards with it.

Just got reminded I have to go work at a cement factory this week 😣 I hate that place.

I just about went down a rabbit hole of the royal family and what their last names are and why they don't get used. But I decided I just don't have the room for that useless information in my brain right now

A great picture of all the bikes from a memorial ride last month for a great brother that passed away.

This feels like a long shot but is anyone on the interested in I've looked some and can't find much on here. I'll start with mine. Here's my 2016 Harley Fatbob

I've always been fascinated with computers and the internet. It was a chance to live a completely different life. Turns out it's not and you fuck that up just like the real thing.

Sweeeeeeeeeeet I can add Blue Iris to Home Assistant so I can see my Cameras from the app now!

I wish I could just throw the phone on my desk away so people would stop sending me calls. I don't want to talk on the phone.

Also there's 57 voicemails on it and I'm waiting for it to hit its limit because there is no way of clearing them all that i am aware of.

Im torn on wanting to do more with home assistant and just leaving it alone they way i have it... Its working well but I feel like i could get more out of it. just dont know what

I feel like ive been working on things all day and got nothing done 😭

I didnt realize converseJS had a windows client for xmpp. I like the look of it better than Gajim.

Ok @GoatsLive i clicked on your live stream to see what it was all about and I find this dude staring into my soul. 😨🫣

Thinking about expanding the cheeseburger and adding peertube and pixelfed to it. I already have the xmpp server. I may add a matrix one as well and offer everything under the domain.

Breaking in a new hat is always annoying. But it looks so fresh 😎

Ohh man they were in stock. Flipper zero ordered. Working in access control I've really been wanting one of these!

My special ability is the more work and stress I have the harder I procrastinate. its a gift I know.

Ive set up an xmpp server for this instance. anyone can use it even if your not on this instance. replay to this post and I will send you an invite link.

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Who doesn't love cheeseburgers?